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We believe that the journey to becoming a successful artist is a blend of passion, skill, networking & marketing. Join us, and let's turn your love for music into a thriving career.

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DJ Courses that Cater For Individuals.

Online DJ Courses with 1-2-1 Instructor Support : Our cutting-edge DJ Training course directly to you. Maybe you’re a beginner looking to grasp the fundamentals or an experienced DJ wanting to refine your technique, our DJ Training courses are crafted to meet your specific needs.

DJ Training Boot Camps: Immerse yourself in an intensive learning experience. Led by industry experts, these are designed to accelerate your learning, providing hands-on training, live feedback, and the opportunity to network & jam with like-minded individuals.

Playing Opportunities: We offer playing & Management  opportunities on our DJ Retreats from playing In Cancun & Tulum to Ibiza and the UK. We are also able to offer management opportunities to our most talented students. For those looking to seek private event work, we work alongside private event companies and partnered with the UK’s largest artist booking platform Encore Musicians.

Stream & Record: We offer filming services to record a professionally produced  video of your mix –  performances in the most exotic locations. From a Cenote in Tulum to Cala Salada beach in Ibiza. All filming recorded in 8k with aerial footage from our top spec drones. 

Personalized Training: Every aspiring DJ or artist is unique. That’s why our training programs come with a personalized touch. Benefit from one-on-one sessions, customized feedback, with courses tailored to your goals.

Marketing Strategy: We are unique in offering you the knowledge to market yourself effectively in the competitive music industry. Our personalized marketing strategy will help you build a brand, connect with your audience, and we will help secure opportunities in the professional DJing landscape.

Experienced Instructors: Learn from seasoned DJs, Producers and industry professionals who bring a wealth of experience. We are  dedicated to nurturing your talent and guiding you  to becoming a successful artist.

Community: We believe in the power of community and collaboration, creating a supportive environment where students and professionals can connect, share, and grow.

State-of-the-Art Resources: Access high-quality equipment & free software you can keep from partners like Mixed In Key & Discounts at Pioneer DJ. You’ll Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the DJing world.  

Join us, and start your musical discovery.

Opportunities for all

Music really can save a life. At PRO-DJ we want to support our communities and next the generation. Are you part of a community group or youth project?  Get in contact and we will provide free services to your worthwhile cause.

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The Team

Behind PRO-DJ is a team of seasoned DJs, producers, and music educators, each bringing their expertise and passion for music to the table. 

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PRO-DJ.CO.UK tests  Alpha Theta’s new rotary mixer. Pioneer DJ, under the experimental AlphaTheta brand, has ventured into the realm of rotary mixers with the Euphonia. This 4-channel mixer is a unique blend of analog warmth and digital precision, aimed at DJs and producers seeking a tactile and expressive mixing experience. Unb

Master The Mix Begins Shoot starts shoot for Master The Mix the upcoming release of our brand-new video course series, designed to cater to every skill level. Both the beginner and advanced course, comes with training on the XZ & CDJ 3000 and covers everything from set up to marketing. The course covers everything [&h

LKE speaks to the DJ & Forbidden Forest Owner. Pro-DJ friend, DJ Joe Quinn is notably associated with the Forbidden Forest Festival, a unique event celebrated for its intimate, nature-infused vibe that appeals to lovers of raving and electronic music. As the festival’s director, Quinn has played a crucial role in shaping its v

The visionary behind the ever popular  Groovebox events speaks to LKE exclusively for  LKE: Nick, can you share the inspiration behind starting your own music events business? Nick: Absolutely. My journey began with owning a bar and restaurant in Arnold, where we hosted small parties during bank holiday Sundays, featurin